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After I've categorized the plankton, how do I see the depth and temp of where I found them?

  • wrosswross by wrosswross

    I need to know for a spreadsheet I'm making. Earlier today I spent 3 hours categorizing, and now I'm looking at my collection and its not showing me the depth and temp for each organism. Any suggestions?


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    Hi wrosswross,

    I'm sorry but I'm afraid that there is no way to display the physical data at the images which you have collected.

    When I find an image with data that I'm interested in, I always make a screenshot to save them. I can ask the scientists whether they're able to help you get them from your collection or not.

    Thanks for your hard work,



  • jessicaluo by jessicaluo scientist, admin

    hi @wrosswross, We do have the physical data for the images you have collected. We have a record of the images you have classified, and from there I can match those records up with the physical data for those frames. But @yshish is right. In general, we don't have easy access to the physical data for the frames that are displayed on PP. So we can't do this for every single person, but we can probably do it on a case by case basis if the need arises.

    Did you do all the classifications while signed in with your screen name? We get a data dump every week on Sunday (so depending on when you did the classifications, it's already in the system or we will get it next week) so if you have a specific request for the data that you have collected then we can run a query and send it to you. Just curious - are you going to use it for a class or something?

    Please email me at to confirm this request.