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measuring curved plankton

  • khanigan by khanigan

    I am not sure how to measure any plankton that is in a curved, "c" or "s" shape. Any suggestions?


  • Siiw by Siiw moderator

    I usually measure the length from the front to the back, so the direction of the arrow matches the direction of the plankton. I measure the width so the two lines completely cover all parts of it. The scientists can probably give a better answer, but this has worked well so far.


  • the_t-man by the_t-man

    I would be interested in the best way to measure those larvaceans etc. as well. Contrary to @Siiw, I have been connecting head and tail, but then I just marked the diameter "somewhere in the middle" so that most of the time the lines don't intersect. Should they?


  • RachaelB by RachaelB

    I've been measuring from the head to the bend and then only the width of the widest part of the body. It would be nice to know if this is correct?? 😃


  • kirstenr by kirstenr

    I've been measuring larvaceans from the head to tail (like a sine wave) so that the direction of the arrow is in the direction of the plankton. But for the axis, I've been measuring across the head, which means the lines sometimes don't intersect. Should I be measuring across the body? Since there is obviously variation on this, it might be good to include in the tutorial.