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  • Subject APK0007fqz

    The original object is in 3D and it is projected in 2D by the picture (i.e. laid on a flat surface)

  • Subject APK0007fqz

    Imagine an open perl necklace that you lay on a table: it could fold in various shapes. This is what happens here.

  • Subject APK0000a3v

    ISIIS images are supposed to be focused over the full field of view but that is only partially true 😉

  • Subject APK0000a3v

    Likely an old house that is probably very close (or far) from the camera and therefore completely blurry.

  • Subject APK0007du7

    However, I don't think it would be as "spiky" on the back. Given that this is near the surface it might just be a detritus of some sort.

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