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Particulate shapes in background

  • Snakiegirl by Snakiegirl

    I'm new to Plankton Portal, and so far really enjoying it! I am running across images that have some definite plankton on a background of innumerable small, nebulous white shapes in both California and Mediterranean pictures. Is this just organic matter, or could it possibly be swarms of a small plankton species?



  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to Snakiegirl's comment.


    First of all, welcome to the Plankton Portal! We're so happy you are enjoying your participation 😃

    As for the nebulous white shapes, it would really help if you commented on the images where you can see it. Without seeing one, it is impossible to tell 😕 There are some nebulous shapes that are organisms we do classify and there are also some that we don't.

    You can comment on any image you classify just after you finish the classification, but you can also link the images here if you know their subject ID number (you get the number when you click on the Discuss button - it will appear just above the image in the Talk interface).

    Let me know if you needed some help.

    Cheers, Zuzi