Plankton Portal Talk

Is this a plankton?

  • cygaj by cygaj

    I'm sorry… I can't say.


  • scopedriver by scopedriver

    This is a #larvacean house. It's out of focus, but has the right shape and internal lines for it. In the upper left corner may be its former occupant! (a #larvacean). You'll be able to recognize these as you keep classifying and see the ways they can appear (including with a larvacean inside).


  • isabelweber by isabelweber

    What are the the other particles around the plankton?


  • jessicaluo by jessicaluo scientist, admin

    @scopedriver is absolutely right! and @isabelweber, the particles around the frame are probably phytoplankton (planktonic plants) or other small zooplankton. But mostly phytoplankton.