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The center object...

  • Plenum by Plenum

    Hi - Just a note about the images provided as the example when we classify: The center round-shaped animal in this image is quite distinct and should be obvious to classify, I think, and is probably shown here top looking down through the body. The examples are lateral shots. Can we have like, say, a mug-shot of them? Like two images, one side-to-side and one top-down?

    Additional notes: I'm using a wide-screen computer which fits the image really well. Is there an option to view the images full-screen?


  • Lounalune by Lounalune

    Might just be a protist, which we don't classify. But I'm not sure.


  • jessicaluo by jessicaluo scientist, admin

    Yes, this is a #protist. It's one of the larger ones. But yeah, we don't classify them. We will put together a blog post in the upcoming weeks about the Protists and give examples so people will know what not to focus on in the images.