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ID check?

  • pieperson43 by pieperson43

    The plankton above the arrow worm really looks like a radiolarian, but the guide says they aren't seen in California, which would make me go with the Solmaris. I don't feel good with the Solmaris ID though. Is this indeed a Solmaris, or do we have a radiolarian in California?


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to pieperson43's comment.


    I'm glad you're asking. The guy above the arrow worm is a #protist we do not classify for this project. You'll see them often, just ignore them.
    I think it may be a #phaeodarian one but I'm not an expert on protists. 😃

    When you have difficulties to ID something, please don't hesitate and ask. We're here to help with that.

    Hope you enjoy the images.

    Cheers, Zuzi