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It works!

  • kayjayvee by kayjayvee

    Hi I have just figured out why I could not communicate with you. It was my browser. My son recommended that I try one other than my usual and he was right. It was not allowing me to access this part of your site. So glad I can communicate now. Thanks for your patience with me.

    I classified this as a larvacean but am not sure I am right.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to kayjayvee's comment.

    Hi @kayajayvee

    So glad to here from you and see that managed to solve the problem 😃

    As for the little plankter above, yes, it is truly a #larvacean surrounded by its #house. Well done. If you see a free-swimming larvaceans, mark them as a 'larvacean' but when they're inside their house, then mark them as a 'larvaceans house'.

    Thanks, see you on the board,