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  • Jlatzgo by Jlatzgo

    I've been seeing a bunch of these. Please can you tell me what it is?


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to Jlatzgo's comment.

    Hello @Jlatzgo 😃

    These are Rocket-Ship Sipho. You can find them under the "Head with tail" category. Their tentacles may appear very long with branches. This ones starts budding new bodies on the tail (the tiny bubbles on the right). Here are some more pictures of Rocket-ships in comparison with their close relatives, Twocups siphos. Rocket-ships can appear with a pointy or with a round body, depends on the individual species. This one you shared is a pointy one.

    Hope you're enjoying the project! Will be happy to answer any more questions 😃