Plankton Portal Talk


  • mdoer by mdoer

    what are those oval things in the back ground, are they plankton?


  • JoyKidd by JoyKidd moderator

    Which ones are you talking about? The bright dots, like the one in the upper right corner? If so, they aren't distinct enough to mark. Tiny blobs like that are referred to as "marine snow," and are made up of all kinds of miscellaneous debris.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to JoyKidd's comment.

    Hey, I think @mdoer may be talking about the filters of the #Larvacean #house. Those big round objects close to each other just above the Larvacean are usually the most distinct part of the house. The house is comppletely transparent when newly built. The filters get more and more visible as they are being used for filtering the surrounding water. The house is made of a mucus produced by the larvacean. Larvaceans are filter feeders.

    When you see a larvacean inside the house (it is surrounded by such a blob), then mark the house only. When you see a free swimming larvacean (no blob around), then mark the larvacean. When you see an empty house, then mark the empty house. When you see a larvacean just escaping the house, you may mark both the larvacean and the house.

    Hope it makes sense 😃