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What is the thing on the right?

  • mdoer by mdoer

    I know its a medusa on the left, but what about the right?


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to mdoer's comment.

    Hey @mdoer

    The other guy (on the right) is a #Corncob #Sipho. You can find it under the "Head with tail" option.

    How can I tell? Can you see that opaque nose-like structure on the left of the "body"? It is a gas filled float called Pneumatophore. It is characteristic for them. Check out the Field Guide, you can keep it open in a new browser tab/window while classifying. It is helpful 😃

    If you had any troubles, keep asking 😃 There are so many cool stuff in the oceans and also many mysteries but we can help with most of what you see in these pictures 😃



  • mdoer by mdoer in response to yshish's comment.

    thank you!