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Not sure what this is....

  • Walktheplank-ton by Walktheplank-ton

    I've been seeing these, and even with the field guide help I'm not sure if I"m looking at an arial view of one of the medusas, or if this is a thalasso. I would have guessed radiolarian if I were looking in the Mediterranean.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to Walktheplank-ton's comment.

    This is actually a #Protist. They are very common and there are many different looking species. We don't classify them for this project. You will get used to the ones we see often and don't classify quickly. I'm going to make a post about them to help you recognize them more easily. Just need some more time 😃 (It's 2 am now and I'm heading to the bed now.)