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  • ChiaraElisa by ChiaraElisa

    Hi! I can't figure out what this thing is, can I have some help?


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to ChiaraElisa's comment.

    Hi @ChiaraElisa

    Yes, of course 😃 We're here to help you! The organism in the centre of this frame is a very tough one. It reminds me of a convoluted #Larvacean overlapping a #Protist, or a #Radiolarian #colony. But I really cannot tell what it is.

    Then, there are two tiny #Copepods (above and on the right) and a tiny spider-like organism in the top right corner. Whatever it is, we don't classify it for this project.

    Sometimes, there are unidentifiable objects present. Don't worry much and just try your best guess. If it looks like one of the categories, mark it. If it doesn't reminds of any of them, and it is impossible to guess, you can leave it unmarked. But we prefer guessing (even bad guessing) to not marking at all. Each image is classified by multiple users, so all the bad guesses get sorted out 😉

    Keep asking and don't forget to use this Field Guide with some more image examples for each category while classifying 😃

    Field Guide

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Zuzi


  • ChiaraElisa by ChiaraElisa in response to yshish's comment.

    Thank you very much @yshish! I'll do my best 😃