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need more interactive

  • catbill76 by catbill76

    I would like to participate but I don't have a good sense of what I am looking at yet. Some tutorials in which my guesses are compared with expert findings would be incredibly useful. If it can't be interactive, then at least more pictures of correctly identified plankton using the same view we are using to identify them. Can't you provide something more?


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    Hi @catbill76

    I do understand your feelings. The ISIIS images look quite different from any other images of plankton you can find in books/on the internet.. We were actually thinking about adding some training images. I've started collecting them a few months ago but not sure whether it's going to happen. I'm afraid not in the near future 😕

    In the mean time, you can just ask any time you're not sure and we'll tell you whether it was correct or how would we mark it.

    Moreover, I created some image montages of problematic categories where you can see the organisms of different sizes, life stages and angles of view in a single image. All of them are featured on the main Plankton Portal Talk page (the list on the left). I'd like to add such montages for more categories, maybe even for all of them. Check them out, they could help you a lot.

    Just keep trying and soon you'll get used to how they look and will become able to tell them apart 😃

    Feel free to ask!



  • jo.irisson by jo.irisson translator, scientist

    Asking for confirmation here is indeed the best way to make progress (especially when you have yshish as moderator!). The images in the filed guide are the examples to be followed but of course they do not show the more doubtful cases. We will try to add some full frames underneath to show organisms in more context and more details.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    Since the image comments get quickly lost from the Recent Talk page, I'll post my comment here for those who're not online now:

    I've just seen an awesome video by MBARI showing a #Pteropod producing net of sticky mucous to trap marine snow looking similar to the object we see here! (It starts at 0:48)

    What do you think, Dr. @jessicaluo @jo.irisson and others? Could it be produced by some of our Pteropods? 😃


  • elizabeth_s by elizabeth_s moderator

    That is one cool video 😃