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What is this?

  • Irukandji37 by Irukandji37

    I marked this as a doliolid, is that right? This new classification system has me a bit thrown off. I would have thought those were rocket ships before, but the example for rocket ships looks to be very different now.


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to Irukandji37's comment.


    I'm sorry to hear that the new system is so confusing for you. The guy in the image actually is a #Rocket-Ship (triangle). As for the R-S, the only difference between the old and the new system is, that we have merged both R-S categories (triangle and thimble) under a single R-S_Sipho category to make it easier. So everything you would classify as a R-S Triangle or as a R-S Thimble before, should be classified as a Rocket-Ship_Sipho now.

    Doliolid would have a barrel-like shape(not divided into two part like here) with visible ribs, and the tail would be growing from the end of the body, not from the middle like here. The tail wouldn't be branching like here (well, it is hardly visible, but when you look very carefully, you can notice it, directly below the body).

    Rocket-ships may have various shapes and the tail may be growing from the end too. This guy is #budding on the tail, which does remind of a Doliolid with tail but it's branching. The body hasn't got the rib-like structure as Doliolids have.

    Compare it with the image examples in the new Field Guide. Let me know if you had any more questions.

    Thanks for asking!