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A newbie's questions ...

  • sabh27 by sabh27

    I classified 2 medusas (top third of image), but am unsure ... maybe the one on the right is a goblet medusa?

    2 more general questions:

    1. re size: are those that appear fuzzy further away? E.g. there is a shape at the right edge (bottom third) that looks like a doliolid, but seems a bit small.
    2. is there a way to correct/reclassify already submitted images?
      Thanks 😃


  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator in response to sabh27's comment.

    Well, as for this image, there is 1 tiny #Medua #morethan4tentacles (the top left corner), 2 #Doliolids #withouttail (however you can see the stem growing from their bodies, there are no buds on it so we consider it as no tail!). No need to mark anything else here. There are perhaps a few blurry Copepods but we cannot be sure they really are and since they may be just marine snow, I wouldn't mark them.

    As for your other questions, no, once you hit the Finish button, you cannot go back and correct your classification. You can use magnifier/zoom function of your browser.

    Hope this is helpful for you. Keep asking & enjoy the classifying 😃

    Cheers, Zuzi