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Not or wrong?

  • mmartijn by mmartijn

    Do you prefer that I do not classify if I am not sure? Or that I choose a category, which may be the wrong one? For example, the little one just above the blob, to the right?


  • cguigand by cguigand scientist, admin

    Hi mmartijn

    Try to do your best. Is it ok to make mistakes. the logic of this project is to have several Citizen Scientists like you to classify the same image then it is like a vote. We will look at all the different classifications for the same image and the most "popular" will be the one we choose. let's say for this image we have 4 persons saying #larvacean #house and only one classifying it as #thalasso then we have to assume that the highest probability is in favor of #larvacean #house. That the strength of this type of project the power of many!
    also the one that gave you trouble is an #arrowworm. I hope this help
    do not worry you are doing a great job, thank you for your hard work!