Plankton Portal Talk


  • uniqueace by uniqueace

    hello everyone. i just wanna ask who are the writers of these information about plankton in this website. i want to cite it in my study but i just cant find the writers to be cited. thanks. 😃


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hi @uniqueace ... do you need a specific name? We might be fine with you citing "Zooniverse" and "Plankton Portal."

    May I ask what study you're referring to? What are you going to be citing, and for what purpose?


  • jessicaluo by jessicaluo scientist, admin

    Hi @uniqueace, The text on this website is a collaborative effort by the science team of Plankton Portal. There are specific authors attached to blog posts, but the general text on this website should just be cited as Plankton Portal. Can you tell us what kind of study you are needing to cite our website for? Is it a school report, a final term paper, or a peer-reviewed scientific article? That kind of information will help us determine how to best advise you for citation purposes.


    Jessica Luo