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Linear dimensions?

  • drabanus by drabanus

    Dear all,

    would someone be so kind and add linear dimensions to the images in the plankton field guide ( I'd be interested whether these are of centimeters, millimeters or even smaller, sub-millimeters.
    Could you also point to the system description of the ROV and its camera system to understand how these images have been shot? The explanation given is very superficial...

    Best regards and thanks in advance - David


  • cguigand by cguigand scientist, admin

    We do no have the dimensions on the filed guide yet. most of what see is a few mm to a few centimeters long (max field of view is 13 cm). We will talk to the graphic designers and see if they can add a scale bar. in the mean time if you very anxious to know the size of a bug you can actually save the pictures on your computer. open them with an image software with a measure tool in pixels just multiple the result by 0.07 this should give you the size in mm.
    regarding the way we get the images we made a special "blog" explaining in more details the system we use (ISIIS). If you have very specific questions on the imaging system I can answer them since I designed it.



  • jessicaluo by jessicaluo scientist, admin

    The blog post that Cedric is referring to is here: