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How small is too small?

  • astroboyOW by astroboyOW

    In poking around the boards of another Zoouniverse site (Notes from Nature), it was suggested that one's transcriptons are included based on how well they agree with others' transcriptions. Is that how it works on Plankton Portal, too? I generally mark as small objects as I can with any degree of accuracy, often these are completely obsured by the arrows and dots of the marking lines. If others don't do this as well, am I in effect eliminating my work from consideration because it doesn't agree with the majority?



  • yshish by yshish moderator, translator

    hi Jeff.

    i can't speak for other users, but i always try to mark every object that i can recognize, even the tiniest ones (and i think there is more users like us).

    but i've already asked the scientists how they work with the data (i think, it would be great if they wrote a blog post about their work) and will let you know as soon as i get a reply.

    thanks for your effort!



  • technogourmet by technogourmet

    Did you ever hear back on this? I'd like to know whether or not to mark tiny things as well. Some things, copepods for example. seem really easy to see even tiny


  • FKJambalaya by FKJambalaya

    (Assuming you can bump on plankton portal)



  • jo.irisson by jo.irisson translator, scientist

    You should mark everything that you think you can identify, no mater their size (and now, with the simpler marking interface, the problem of obscuring the object is gone).

    We ask for your best guess and of course some people will get it wrong sometimes (and that's part of the learning process). So, like in all Zooniverse projects, the image will be considered as identified once several people agree on it. "Several" is 5 for Plankton Portal.