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Feeback on interface from a new user

  • kirstenr by kirstenr

    1. Is it possible to rework the site so that identification is made before marking the plankton? The resultant grid created by marking the organism obscures the internal structure of the organism, which is sometimes necessary to see to distinguish between organisms.
    2. Also, since there are not that many choices, it may result in more accurate data if we just got a drop-down menu of all the possible choices, rather than narrowing them down first. For example, in the tutorial, I misidentified a larvacean because I classified it as "head with a tail," rather than as "ribbon-like." I later found it on the other menu. Perhaps that is just part of the learning curve of being a new user and you are not too concerned with that type of error.
    3. If there are things that shouldn't be marked other than tentacles, go ahead and list those things in the tutorial like you instruct for tentacles.
      Thanks. This looks like a great project!


  • cguigand by cguigand scientist, admin

    Hi Kirsten,

    First I would like to thank you for your classification effort on plankton portal. We all really appreciate it greatly!!

    here a few answer:

    1. we debated this for a while because at first the arrows were too opaque and were obstructing the view even more so we changes to a semi transparent marker which is better but not yet perfect. the best is to cancel (the little red cross on the tab) you classification if you think you are not sure and start again so you can explore the menu in more detail
    2. don't worry you will get better with time and you can also open another tab and look at the full library of organism at
    3. This true for #protist we have to make a comment we did in the discussion but i did not reach new users easily. I will talk about it with the developers.