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Blog Post & Tips: How to Collect Similar Images with Tag Groups

  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hi zooites!

    I've come to realize lately that one of the more useful features of the current generation of Talk is not very well-advertised or widely used. Certainly nobody's fault here... I myself didn't fully understand it until just the other day!

    With "tag group" collections, also called "live" collections or "keyword" collections, you can create a collection that is automatically populated with all of the images containing a certain hashtag. This is a great way to locate tagged images without having to rely on the (currently rather buggy) search system.

    In case there's anyone else out there who was unaware of this feature, or who has never tried using it, I've put together this blog post explaining what tag groups are and how to use them. I hope you find it helpful!

    Let me know if anyone has any more questions on this topic! 😃